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Zhonghua PU

Name:Zhonghua PU


Zhonghua PU


TEL:+856 20 7830 8888

Professional Experience:

Mr.Zhonghua PU focuses his practice on civil and commercial disputes, capital market, finance and securities, investment and acquisition area.

Mr.PU serves as perennial legal adviser for: A petroleum and chemical corporation, A provincial overseas investment Co., Ltd, A design institute group, Yunnan A tourism development and investment Co., Ltd, Yunnan A agriculture cooperation development Co., Ltd, A state-owned capital operation mall management Co., Ltd, A city of future development Co., Ltd, Yunnan A green industry Co., Ltd, Yunnan A enterprise group Co., Ltd, Yunnan A international culture tourism exhibition investment Co., Ltd, Yunnan a materials Co., Ltd, Kunming A technology Co., Ltd.

Mr.PU advises A investment group Co., Ltd Siem Reap Airport project in Cambodia, Yunnan A green industry Co., Ltd new OTC market, A state-owned power Co., Ltd hydropower station acquisition project, A copper group Co., Ltd acquisition project, A state-owned capital operation mall management Co., Ltd share acquisition project.


Chinese Practicing Lawyer

Working Language:

Chinese, English

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