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Kinglom was built on a unique vision: to create an integrated legal, tax and investment advisory firm and provide technical excellence across our core areas of expertise. Kinglom lawyer team has a deep understanding of legal and tax framework in China and Laos, comprised of Chinese lawyers and Laotian Lawyers who can work in several languages. As a lawyer team well comprehending Chinese business culture, we have rich experience in providing legal service for Chinese clients and Chinese business interest. Kinglom always pays close attention to business and investment opportunities in Laos, and dedicated to helping Chinese enterprises expand emerging markets in Laos. With a team of several local and foreign lawyers and advisers working in Laos, we provide personalized and cost-effective legal, tax and consulting services and solutionswith particular expertise in: banking and finance, corporate, mergers and acquisitions, energy, mining and infrastructure, real estate and construction and taxation. Since its foundation, Kinglom has acquired an outstanding reputation for providing integrated and solutions- oriented legal and tax services to establish structure and protect our clients’ business interests in dynamic and challenging markets. Kinglom is also actively involved in developing the legal and regulatory environments of the frontier markets in which we operate. Kinglom and Dentons Kunming Office have signed a long-term cooperation agreement dedicating to serve Chinese enterprises in Laos, especially providing integrated legal service for Chinese enterprises overseas investment in Laos based on Dentons’ professional advantage of Chinese laws and rich experience of local lawyer team in Laos. Kinglom has advised Chinese clients numerous large projects, particularly relevant to energy, infrastructure, transport, telecommunication and agriculture. 1.Kinglom perennial legal counsel clients: (1) A Railway Material Co., Ltd; (2) Yunnan Energy Investment A (Laos) Co., Ltd; (3) Yunnan Energy Investment A Hotel; (4) China A Power Industrial Co., Ltd; (5) A Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd; (6) A Road and Bridge Construction Co., Ltd; (7) Laos A Grain and Oils Co., Ltd; (8) A Foreign Engineering Laos Co., Ltd; (9) A Data Technology (Lao) Sole Co., Ltd; 2.Kinglom deals (1) Advise A Construction and Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd expressway project in Laos, include but not limited to BOT appendix draft and negotiation,land acquisition and demolition; (2) Advise China A Power Industrial Co., Ltd investing 160 million US dollarin thermal power project installed capacity of 220 MW in Laos; (3) Advise Yunnan Energy Investment A (Laos) Co., Ltd five-star hotel acquisition project and local operation in LuangPrabang, Laos; (4) Advise A Electric Power Investment Co., LtdNamsana 2 hydro power project in Laos; (5) AdviseA No. 3 Hydro Electric Engineering Board (Lao) Co., LtdPhongsali road project in Laos; (6) Advise A Road and Bridge Construction Co., LtdHuayka-aunt hydro power project and EPC agreement; (7) Advise Yunnan Energy Investment A (Laos) Co., Ltd complex building project; (8) Advise A Data Technology (Lao) Sole Co., Ltd data processing and storage center; (9) AssistA Electric Wire & Cable Imp./Exp. Engineering Ltd power transmission project financing;