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Practice Areas

Infrastructure and Project Finance


Core areas of Practice:


Power: hydropower, thermal power, wind power, solar power

Transportation: the construction of railway, expressway, urban rail transit

Energy and natural resources: the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, the development and construction of metallurgical industries

 Kinglom regularly provides comprehensive legal services in diverse infrastructure projects in Laos. Kinglom is knowledgeable on various infrastructure facilities and project financing structures, and has a deep understanding of the theories and practices concerning the placement of international business models in Laos. Based on well understanding of infrastructure project operation features and industrial process, Kinglom provides different clients special or comprehensive legal services suitable to their commercial characteristics and assist clients in business negotiation and legal documents draft in order to prevent legal risks in Laos.

Foreign Investment

To promote the development of national economy, Laos is actively attracting foreign investment over the past years, not only one-stop service supported by government but also the incentive policies stipulated by <Investment Promotion law>. Kinglom provides targeted and practical legal advice on foreign investment based on the deep understanding of domestic laws and rich experiences in Laos.


Kinglom legal services in foreign investment mainly include:


 (1) to assist foreign investors in conducting legal due diligence investigations of their business partners in Laos;


 (2) to provide legal opinion on foreign companies business mode in Laos;


(3) to assist foreign companies in establishing, altering and terminating their business operations in Laos, including but not limited to representative office, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, joint venture, cooperative enterprise and partnership enterprise and to draft and review relevant legal documents;


(4) to provide advice with respect to regulatory matters such as government approval, filling and registration, and assist clients in complying with the regulatory requirements;


 (5) to draft, review and amend foreign investors business cooperation agreements and to participate in negotiation as requested by clients;


(6) to analyze and answer any kind of legal questions from foreign investors during their daily operation and assist clients in corporate governance;


 (7) to assist foreign investors and foreign enterprises in settling disputes before litigation or arbitration;


 (8) to deal with legal issues during the merger, division, restructuring, dissolution or liquidation of foreign investment enterprises in Laos;


(9) to provide legal review and training support to foreign investment enterprises with respect to the major legal issues of their daily business operation.




Perennial legal advice provided by Kinglom mainly include:


(1) Daily legal counsel

Provide consulting service for the legal issues relevant to business operation, construction projects, administrative management, personnel management, contract management, marketing management, intellectual property management, debt management, warehouse management, quality management, business registration, lease, investment and financing, assurance, real estate, tender and issue legal opinion;


(2) Contracts and other legal documents management service

Assist clients in drafting, reviewing, amending business agreements and other legal documents during daily business operation and provide legal advice on alteration and termination of contracts. Prompt risks of contracts signing and performance, establish contracts management files, modify contracts regularly and establish and improve contracts template library as requested by clients;


(3) Contracts management

Draft and review contracts, provide legal opinion on performance, alteration and termination of contracts, advise clients to establish contract management files, assist clients in analyzing potential risks of project management and provide legal advice on contracts approval process and combination of risk control;


(4)Dispute settlement service before litigation or arbitration

Participate in negotiation, conciliation of economy, civil and administration dispute with clients before litigation or arbitration, provide legal solutions, predict the results of dispute and issue legal opinion;


(5) Debt management service

Advise clients to settle current debts and credits, provide working concepts and legal solutions to settle the specific debt and credit;


(6) Legal feasibility counsel

Provide legal feasibility analysis on decision-making during clients operation management;


(7) Safeguard rights and claim for compensation service

Provide legal solutions for clients on default, tort. Demonstrate legal argumentation and issue lawyer’s letterin connection with current disputes or some disputes will happen in the future;


(8) Legal knowledge of personnel training service

Organize legal knowledge lecture or training, hold legal publicity and education for personnel not less than twice a year as requested by clients;


(9) Counsel service at conference site

Attend important meetings and provide legal counsel service at conference site as required by clients;


 (10) Notary and authentication service

Assist clients in dealing with notary and authentication as required by clients;


(11) Perfect legal risk prevention and control system

Assist clients in establishing and perfecting legal risk prevention and control system, participating in legal risk prevention and control system operation and provide opinion or solutions on legal risk prevention and control promptly as requested by clients.